Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frank in the Classroom

I made this fun Frankenstein Monster journal as an example for my Special Education classroom as we made these. We read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for the month of October and wrote in our journals as we read. I was lucky to have all the supplies on hand from my store (:
Journals made by my students -didn't they do a great job!!!! When we are finished with our book, they will take these home to share with their families. I have to say between these and my Frankenstein earrings we have been very excited about this classic story. My students don't know it but when we finish our story and take our final test on this book, we will enjoy a green treat of some sort. I would like to make it to target to pick up the small jones soda Frankenstein sodas. 

Let me know what you think!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teaching Binder

      Yes, I know that I should be enjoying my last few weeks of summer-not thinking about work, but it has been soooo HOT here that inside activities like creating a cute Teacher Binder are most appropriate. I have looked at many Teacher Binders online but this cover is my design (: I LOVE owls and flowers so this will be fun to use. I also laminated the cover so I could transfer it if the binder broke from being overused, hehe. The owl is a stamp from my store and the printing was done on the computer with my favorite Handwriting font. I distressed the front with ink and added ribbon and flowers as embellishments. I colored the owl with copics (: I need to work on the cuteness of the inside now (: 
Let me know what you think!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Organization In One Month! Oh My!

                         Yes, I have been away from my Blog for a long time. It is really due to a chicken with her head cut off lifestyle. I am sick of my lack of organizational skills and crazy busy life, so I am working this summer to "get my act together" and develop some systems - better yet embellished altered systems to make my next school year more sane/pretty for all of us. Above you will see the outside of an altered binder using paper and supplies from my store, I cut the words The Crossley Family Binder using my Cricut. Inside you would find what I need to stay sane and from looking around the web this is different for everyone. i used Avery dividers and printed my labels with a handwriting font that looks so cute! I also printed in dark red (: It's the details that are special sometimes. This is what my binder needed but you may need other categories.
I needed to keep these areas together:
Menu Plans
Dance-A place to put tickets as well after I LOST $60 worth of them last month, ugh
Sports - Soccer and Basketball
Cub Scouts
Girl Scouts
This is also going to grow as my life is really complicated!
*We also already have a financial binder but that is its own monster, yuck.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Good Life, No Really!

Sorry about the leaf covering part of this card, ugh. I honestly didn't want to re-take the picture (: The card was colored with Copics and the flower is covered in Flower Soft. This image will be in my store soon and you know I am your Copics hook-up wink wink. Anyway, I hope you like my card and are thinking positive. My life is stress, stress, stress but so good all at the same time. Off to steam clean my carpet with bleach, don't ask.
Let Me Know What You Think!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Owl in the Backyard

I'm on Spring Break! I even had a chance to teach a Copic's class over the weekend, yay (: We had so much fun and this is one of the images we worked on. I put him on a card today. I have a sweet owl in my backyard that hoots me to sleep every night and this image from Prima reminds me of him. I am an animal lover, so all the images I colored with my class were animals (their choice too). I was also inspired to "pick out" a few new stamps from my store...I try to not have one of everything from my stamping/scrapbook store, ugh. I am excited to take them into my craft closet and color tonight! I just LOVE having the week off. I hope you enjoy this (:
Let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

I am still alive! Yes, I am but I have returned to my past career as a Special Education Teacher. Things will get easier in a few months, but right now I am on a learning curve after being out for 11 years! I still have my store and Copic Club so life is REALLY busy for me. I do want yo find some time to play in my craft room soon, I miss it. I also miss all my online friends.
I will be back soon!
Hugs, Julie

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas Mail CASE

I made this card with a new stamp set from Crafty Secrets that I just added to my online store. This stamp set is very affordable with so many images to use!!! I did CASE this card from a Crafty Secrets DT member here. It is not an exact CASE but I was inspired by many of the elements on her card. Of course I colored with Copics (see color list on yesterdays post). The cardstock is AC and the paper I stamped/colored on was X-Press all from my store.
I think this will do it for Christmas in July (: With 100 degree temperatures here it was a nice escape from the extreme heat. I may have to get an iced mocha coffee at Mokka coffee shop today (:
Thanks for stopping by and Stay Cool!

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