Friday, August 29, 2008

My inspiration!!!!

I made this inspirational picture for my home office. I printed these words onto green vellum. The paper is from BoBunny and the brads are Stampin Up. This is my daily reminder that has helped me with "My big announcement" that I am happy to say is coming REALLY soon. It has been a tremendous undertaking that I know has been worth all the effort, so I am excited to share "it" with you really soon (: I love surprises so I thought I would make this one a surprise(:  I will be offering Blog candy the day I make this "Big announcement" so keep checking back (: I appreciate all my friends in Blog Land (: 
 Let me know what you think!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boo Fun!

I created this card for Halloween. I really enjoy making simple cards sometimes. I think it is because I never know just how long I have to create cards before something traumatic happens around here with my kids (: This  is the first time I have used this ghost stamp. I thought it would be fun to use liquid pearl on this little ghost and whisper white with the circle roller doodle. I used the warm words stamp giggle on this, because Halloween creates a lot of giggling children from all the candy (: Hope you like this simple little BOO card (:
Let me know what you think! 

Blog Award!!!!

Jackie from My Sweetest Girls awarded me this sweet award! Thank you so much Jackie, you made my day (: Visit her Blog to check out some amazing cards, as well as see pictures of her beautiful family:
Here is what you do when you receive this award:
  • The winner can put the award on their blog
  • Link to the person you received this award from
  • Nominate 7 other blogs
  • Put links to those blogs on yours
  • Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated
My list of very talented Bloggers: 
Lynn at Stamperosity: is a truly professional stamper! You can find her hosting the Technique Lovers Challenge on SCS (: 

Stephanie at Stephanie's Stampin Spot:
She has some of the cutest cards and beautiful scrapbook pages so check her out! 

Kathleen at My Happy Place:
I have been a BIG fan of Kathleen for a long time. Everything she creates is just wonderful! You will LOVE her blog (: 

Stampingmommy at Stamping Mommy Up All Night Stamping!:
She is in my local SCS shoebox swap group and a wonderful stamper. Check out her blog for some great ideas (: 

Cris at My Addictions
She has some amazing cards on her blog as well as a neat tutorial on creating the cutest notebook! Check out her blog because I know you will love it (: 

Marilyn at Stamp with Marilyn:
She has some great projects on her Blog so check her out! 

Maria at Stampin Inspirations
You will be inspired by her work! She has the most amazing Halloween card on her blog, so you have to check it out (: 

I have many more Blogs that I love to visit but the rules stated only 7 (: Hope you enjoy checking out these wonderful Blogs (:

Let me know what you  think!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Room Fun!

This is what I have been stamping today (: My 4 year old son came in while I was stamping this desk and said, "MOM! Emily is going to SCREAM FOR DEATH when she comes home!!! He is such a cute little man with the funniest expressions (: I asked if he liked it and he said NO! He acted like I was in trouble (: I think he is thinking about what happens when he creates art on furniture, not good, LOL! 
We have redecorated my daughter's room, because she is now 8 years old. She picked the colors for the room and I helped her with the details. I still need to cut her name out using my Cricut and hang it over her bed. We have curtains to finish hanging as well as other decorations. I did two step stamping on this desk with the two paint colors in the room. I also used the warm words to the butterfly areas. I used giggle, sparkle and happiness...all my wishes for her happy new bedroom. 
This is a wooden desk I bought at a garage sale for $20 up the street. I repainted it white, painted the drawers green and purple, added ball shaped crystal drawer pulls. We will be shopping for a desk lamp, maybe with fur (: 
This is the view of her new wall colors, window treatments and bed set. Her theme is a butterfly garden.  I am thinking of creating her name using my cricut expression & hanging them using ribbon, or buying wooden letters and embellishing them. What do you think? 

Let me know what you think!!! Hope you don't Scream for death at these pictures, LOL!!!! 

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Halloween Fun!!!

I love these large flowers from Bazzil. I used a Stampin Up punch for the center, and a retired stampin up pumpkin stamp. I used orange, yellow and black stickels to add  little bling to this cute little pumpkin. I used a roller doodle from Glitz on the base with whisper white craft ink. I need to order some new Stampin UP! I love all the new Fall items in the catalog. I just love to see new stamps in action on my favorite blogs (: 
I went out with my 6 year old son last night. He is such a talker (: He wanted to go "eat in" at Taco Bell, because with four kids I really do avoid going in to eat at any fast food! Hey, if Wal Mart had a  drive through I would be in line, LOL (: Anyway, we had to buy him new tennis shoes for school, so we picked those up after we ate. I love to have one-on-one outings with my kids. He told me about all his friends and how happy he is to be back at school (: School does force us to be on a schedule that is really great for our large family! I wish I was more disciplined during the summer, I know that's why summer is a little stressful for me. Oh well maybe I will get better at this busy life I created (: 
Let me know what you think!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Halloween Mr. Spider! 1st day of school!

You will understand this picture if you read below (: 
I made this card for the Splitcoaststampers Sketch Challenge (SC190). I thought this was a great challenge, and I was excited to use my favorite spider stamp. This is a retired stampin up stamp that I still LOVE (: I just noticed that the card should have been a square...oops! I hope it's close enough (: I embossed both the black and green papers. I added an eye looking stamp to the black piece using whisper white. I cut my purple background circle with antique DS. I used a green furry type fiber to connect both pieces. I added google eyes to my spider. The inside of the card is crawling with spiders (: Hope you like this one. 
Today was the first day of school, but it was a half a day. My first grader asked that we walk far behind him while he walked to his classroom on his own. He questioned me several times this morning as to WHY we needed to walk him to class (LOL) I told him that it was for the scrapbook, we needed a series of pictures for his first grade intro. page(: He is SOOOO cute!
My 2nd grade daughter was more than happy to have us walk her to class and take all the scrapbook pictures needed (: She has accepted the routine (: 
I still have two at home, but my youngest son will be staring Preschool next month. It is only three times a week for half a day. I am so happy that he will finally be around children his own age! Although we have a lot of children around us no one is 4 years old! He is very social, so I know he will flourish with an entire room of  friends (: 
My year will be really busy! I am in charge of the PTA's Christmas crafts program this year. Last year I just helped but had a blast. The school has almost 800 children in attendance so Christmas crafts night is A WILD NIGHT... not a silent night, LOL(: I really need to get into the Christmas mood, but all I want to create is Halloween/Fall items. I will be posting several Halloween cards in the next week. 
Sorry for the extra long post (: Let me know what you think!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What A Day!!!! What A Life!!!

Okay, this is a picture of my very artistic and very cute little three year old. She decided to "color" with her big sisters new markers. My 8 year old daughter has her own art desk in her room and my three year old likes to "Borrow" art supplies (: I would have shown you the full  picture but she also likes to create in her panties, LOL! Lucky for me these were the washable markers so it came off very easily. I was just commenting  on Cammie's Blog today  with her little girls picture playing in  glitter. I have to admit it made me laugh, well I am now paying for it! My day has turned out crazy!!!! 
My little (3 year old) girl missed the potty and didn't tell me. This was her way of "cleaning up" the evidence of her mistake (: I had to take a picture, I am just so glad no one slipped in it!!!
I was so inspired today by Cammie's mess and my own messes, that I decided to create a card in honor of back to school. This card is for me, yes me! Life is so much easier with half of my little darlings at school (: I seem to be able to keep up with household duties easier. I used this old stampin up stamp, because I thought the little girl snickering was perfect! She reminds me of every mischievous little girl out there who loves to play in her mommies art supplies (: Did I mention that we just got home from camping? I still have all that to clean up and put away!!!! 
The sentiment on the front reads all things grow with love, by stampin up. I have to remind myself that my little mess makers will grow up and I will miss this part of my busy life. I just need to relax and remember that all things grow with love (:  I hope you enjoyed my little slice of life (: 
Let me know what you think!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Poison Ivy Troubles!

I hope to be post some projects soon, I got into poison ivy! I am very allergic to this stuff and have been suffering for the past week ): I was just working in my front garden when I came in contact with it.  Summer has been hard on me! I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to create anything, because I am sooooo itchy. I will spare you the pictures, LOL. 
I promise I will be back soon  (: 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cricut Pumpkin Album!

I made this pumpkin fold out album using the borders option on a Cricut. I set it at 5" and cut two boarders. I folded the pumpkins where it would show two for the cover, but you can fold these any way you like. It is important to note that the middle pumpkins are larger than the two side pumpkins. I think this adds fun layers (: I attached the two boarders with a black brad. I also cut out one pumpkin in green to add some variety to my pages. I cut out a small spider and used both the spider and its negative image. I used antique decorative scissors to trim around the negative spider image. I inked the edges of most die cut images in white ink. I also used my white pen to highlight and make teeth. Pictures can be added to both sides of this album. I only added a few of my pictures to this, because it is for a cricut class I teach not personal use. I think that I will have to give up teaching classes at the local SS, because I am working on my own "project" right now. I will announce more on this soon, I promise (: This announcement will include awesome candy (: 
 I love the concept of making mini albums using the cricut! I am thinking of using an apple image to make mini teacher albums  this year and so on (:  I hope you enjoy this idea! 
Let me know what you think!!!

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