Monday, December 29, 2008

My Cuppa Joe and a Stripped Sweater!

This card was created for a family friend who fell on ice on Christmas Eve and broke her nose. She is okay but badly bruised, and will be undergoing surgery to repair her nose. I used Fancy Pants paper from my store called Striped Sweater and My Cuppa Joe from Gina K Designs. The strip of brown is embossed to mimic a coffee sleeve. This card makes me want to head down to the coffee shop today (: I think I will! 
This is a picture of my DH and I having lunch at Crown Candy in St. Louis on our anniversary weekend. This place is like stepping back in the past, and the milk shakes are to die for!!!!! We had such a romantic weekend! Thank you to everyone for your sweet wishes (: 
Let me know what you think!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I will be out this week (:

I just wanted all my Blogging friends to know that I had a great Christmas. DH bought me House Mouse stamps that are soooo sweet, so I am looking forward to using my new Copics with those. I also bought myself the new Cuppa' Joe stamp set from Gina K designs. I am a Bean Head so when I saw this set on My Blog I had to order this.
 I will be adding new products to in the coming year. Don't forget that this website is not just for scrapbookers, but stampers also. I will be adding more stamps also (: I am personally in love with all forms of paper crafting! Use your Christmas money on some great products...Click Here!  
This weekend is our 11th anniversary, so we will be leaving tomorrow on a romantic weekend without the kids. I will be back next week with new things to show you! 
Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Picture REality!

This is a picture of my dear children. I have tried and tried to get a decent picture of these children! In this picture everyone just got done fighting over who should hold the pets, especially our new kitty. It took more time to break up the fight than it did to take the picture. As you can see my son has a fake smile and my oldest is just not trying! It was suggested today that we need more kittens!!!!! I thought I was being especially nice to allow this one (: We have named her Princess Meow Meow. No I did not come up with the name (: I am about to attempt Christmas Picture take two (: I hope it goes much better. 
Hope you are having a "FIGHT FREE" Christmas, LOL!!!! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still Christmas!!!

Yes, I am still making Christmas cards (: I just love making these paper poinsettias (I think that's what they are called). I used permanent glue to adhere the pearls to the center.  Glitter lines all the edges and flower. I hope you like this card (:  I am busy, busy, busy so I will make this short. Have a great day!
Let me know what you think!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gift Card Fun!!!

This is a pop up gift card, card that I learned how to make on SCS. I think this is just so fun to make and an interesting way to give a gift card. I made four of these for teachers gift cards. I bought all of them gift cards for Mokka our local coffee shop. The owner of Mokka is my neighbor and I think she is just great. I had the Starbucks gift card (used) already so I put that in to show how it works. 
Inside view of this fun card
This is another example of the pop up gift card card.
I used a "do not open till Christmas" stamp on the inside of this one. I have a lot to show you this week so keep checking in (: I received my images from StarbucksStamper from Blogger group 3. I am just soooo in love with the images that she sent me! She also sent me the cutest card that I will show you soon. I just wanted to say thank you to her on my Blog (: This is something that I will do again it was soooo fun. I hope everyone is having a stress reduced holiday (no such thing as stress free) and remember to take time for yourself! I always buy myself something at the holidays so take care of yourself to and hop over to my store for some fun holiday shopping!!!! I will ship it out the door to you FAST! Have a great holiday!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Projects To Share!!!!

This is a paper bag scrapbook that I made. I just love this stamp!!! It looks like my uncle Clinton who is by the way Santa. I will have to show you pictures of him as Santa at our Schools Christmas Crafts last week. I have had such a nice holiday. 
This is a gift card holder I designed using this wonderful stamp (: I added glitter to the torn corners. 
This is an inside view of my gift card card. I used the word window punch to create the slot. I had to use it a little over its size to fit a gift card (punch it 1 1/2 times across).   
My first craft fair experience went soooo well! I will be doing them again for sure (: I will tell you more about it this week, I have a lot more to share with you. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday CRazy!!!!!

Sorry I have been MIA! I am getting all my busy holiday stuff out of the way now. Next week should be better. I organized Christmas Crafts at school for over 200 children on the 5th, I kept my cousins one year old for a few nights while she had a baby this week, I hosted a Christmas Crafts workshop at my house Thursday evening and I have now stayed up all night to get caught up on crafts that I had to have done for a craft fair I am participating in "today"! Wow, I really do have stuff to show you, but I have just been soooooo busy. Oh, I also added Christmas Primas and Valentine Primas to I have had them in stock for some time, but thought they were on my site but just not selling, LOL! The Christmas Primas are just wonderful, I can see using them all year long (I will have to buy another jar). I hope your holiday season is going well! I will post a project soon (: Happy Holidays!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas at Home

I made this clipboard for a craft fair I am doing next week. I have not been feeling myself the last few weeks, so I have a lot of crafting to do before next week!!!!! I think I am really feeling the loss of my Father who passed the day after Thanksgiving last year.  I am thinking of things that will cheer me up (: I have Christmas money from my sweet Grandpa so I was thinking of treating myself to Copics or Prisma Colors markers? What do you think? What should I buy?
This is a sweet picture of our sweet children. My DH has a special night of Christmas activities with them each Tuesday evening. Last night it was sugar cookies, candy and the Nativity Story out of the BIBLE. We had a sweet night (: I think I have the most wonderful husband (: 
P.S. Check out scrapbookstoreatyourdoor for your Christmas shopping fun (: 

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