Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great Day St. Louis Father's Day Card!

This is the finished Paper Bag card that was made for Great Day St. Louis, Friday, June 19th.
I used Basic Grey 6x6 paper, chipboard alphabet, Spellbinders scalloped circles (I used a Sizzix die cut tool), Color Box ink and distressing tool, Glue Glider Pro adhesive and embellishments. Most supplies can be found on my website Scrapbook Store at Your Door.
Start with a basic lunch sack and fold in half. Your bag opening should be the back of the card. Use a little adhesive to tape the edges that would open if you were using this as a lunch sack.  You will place a little treat of your choice in this opening once your card is finished. 
I used Spellbinders Scalloped Circles with my Big Shot Sizzix on my card, but you can use any die cut machine or paper punch to create similar looks. 
The larger scalloped circle (patterned paper) is adhered flat on top of the 5x5 patterned paper. The smaller (solid colored) scalloped circle is raised up with pop dots. I also placed two small Basic Grey brads on the sides of the top scallop. I used a paper piercer to create tiny holes around the top scallop. Distressing with ink adds to the ruggedness of this manly card, so I used the Color Box distressing tool with a Dark Brown ink. Distress with ink on every layer of paper to achieve a finished look. 
I used Basic Grey Archaic 6x6 paper pad for this card. I cut my sheets to 5x5 in size to fit the paper bag. Using quality paper packs like Basic Grey, allows for perfect coordinating of pattern paper's. All paper's in these packs work beautifully together, and can be mixed and matched for fun combinations in cards. 
Save the scraps left over from cutting the 6x6 paper to 5x5. As shown in the picture above these scraps can make a perfect embellishment. This is the inside view of the paper bag card. Both sheets of paper came from the Archaic paper pack and were cut to a 5x5 size. I will stamp Happy Father's Day in the inside, but if you do not have stamps print this out on your computer. I love printing on Vellum and using a paper punch to punch out my sentiment.
I tied cord around the card a few times as an embellishment in place of more girly ribbon. 
When completed, slip a pair of Baseball Tickets, a gift card, cash or Daddy's favorite candy in this pouch. Make Dad really smile and make coupon's good for chores he normally is responsible for. Mowing the lawn is a big one at our house (: 

I hope you enjoyed this card on Great Day St. Louis, and were inspired to create some fun and unique cards for your Father! Bookmark my Blog, for more ideas and inspiration. For a FUN Shopping experience at your computer please check out my online store full of unique quality paper craft products that I personally use and LOVE! 
Let me know what you think!!!!! 


Lauri said...

Yay!! Not sure if your debut is today or tomorrow, but I am going to check out the website and hope they have it up!! This is so exciting for you!!!!

Scrubbysue said...

HOW FUN!! what a great idea! you did an awesome job!!

Stephanie said...

Oh what a great card...

Katy said...

This is very cute! TFS

Kristin said...

I can't wait to hear how it goes (but I really hope we get a link to a You Tube video!!)... we'll be waiting. The card is awesome!!

Karen from PA said...

Really cute! Love the step by step instructions.

Carmen said...

Wow this came out great!! Good luck!

Lesly said...

Thank you so much for the great tutorial. Love the card! You are sooooo talented.

Leigh Ann Baird said...

It's great! You did a great job on this! Are you glad it's over??

Jaspere said...

Great fun card. Love how you used a bag as the base.

Michelle Forrest aka transprntbutterfly said...

What a wonderful card!

Sara said...

Awesome project Julie, You did a great tutorial. Do we get to see the video from today?

Jackie said...

Wow! This turned out great...tfs!!!

kathleenh said...

Fabulous Father's day card! I still haven't made one for my dh yet. Maybe I'll make a paper bag one!

Gina said...

You looked great on TV! Your project is super cute too.

Jennie said...

Great job on this! You are so talented and I am sure did a fabulous job on are famous :o))))

Anne said...

Great job julie! What a good idea to show this project! I hope this gives your store a good shot in the arm!

Eve said...

I LOVE paperbag albums! Great job on this!!!

The Wired Angel said...

Loved watching you on TV.. thanks for the detail on how to make this card.. and for the closeup pic.

Ann said...

What a fun idea!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

This card is GREAT and you did an AWESOME job with your segment!

Carolyn King said...

YOU were fabulous!!! Great job my friend. I can say...I knew her when!

Love your card (and I think they should have made the show longer so you could finish it on air!)

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