Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Family Book!

This is a Family word book from BoBunny that I made for my wonderful husband for father's day. I used a variety of paper on this one, but mostly father & camping themed paper. I used my Cricut for all the die cut letters and shapes...I love my cricut and it loves me (: that's what I tell my cricut class, LOL (:
I used a white pen to dot my numbers 2 + 2 =. I thought it would be cute to place our picture in the beginning, because let's face it I had those four 9 pound babies (: The other picture is my husband at Disney last year holding up three of our children during a parade, it was really hard to see (: This picture reminded me of a group hug (:

This is a camping themed paper (my husband loves to camp). This was on his birthday...notice the candle in his T-bone (: We are crazy people

This is a picture of our children learning to all ride their bikes, with their daddy's help (: I used an arrow made by my Cricut, inked it a little and added white lines down it like a road. The little embellishment reads, "I love my bike."

This is the very back of the book. I am sure you are noticing that I am missing a ring in the middle...I know and I will be going to buy more tomorrow (: I usually can find a pack for under a $1. The quotes are from our four children. I asked each one what they wanted to say to daddy on father's day. My four year old stinker said happy valentines day daddy! Yes, I wrote that down (: My little 3 year old said Jesus makes you something (I think she thinks the book was "created"). They are just so cute!!!! We bought a camper this week and my four year asked me how we got it home (he was home with the babysitter (:), anyway I said Tom dad and I towed it home with the mini van. He said did Dad drive while you pushed? LOL! Now he was totally serious (: I could write a book after having 4!
Let me know what you think!!!!
Happy Father's Day!


Cindy Haffner said...

Oh what fun, excellent job, love your Family Book.

bensarmom said...

What a treasured keepsake this will be for him. I love, love, love the comments the kids made on the back! Little ones are soooooo silly and honest.

Loretta's Blog said...

Love the family book, great layout and colors!

--- offering blog candy

tizzie said...

I love this. It is so neat and Curt will love it too!

Lauri said...

How wonderful! What a beautiful family you have! The quotes are is the picture of him holding three of the kids are the parade! how cute!!! Thanks for sharing this!

Veronica said...

Your family book is awesome!! I bet your Husband loved it. I love all the embellishments, papers, and the pictures you used. Great work!

Lesly said...

I love your books. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

Tracy said...

Oh my! Your altered book is amazing! The layout and colors are perfect! What a great gift!

Brandi Parshley said...

So cute! I just love this! The colors are fantastic!

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